Who is HNR Software?


HNR Software is a small software/consulting organization trying to surf the wave of technology, with a focus on my favorite hobby - stamp collecting. Completed projects include: DUCKS '95, a CD-ROM catalog of Duck Hunting stamps, DUCKS '97, an extended CD-ROM with new stamps and features, and Fish, Game & Nature Society Stamps, a home/self-published paper & ink stamp catalog. This Web site is very much about seeing if the Internet can become more than a video billboard.

I guess I am more than HNR Software now - I see stamp dealing as an opportunity to help other collectors in a larger way, and continue to enjoy collecting and cataloging. So far, I am enjoying every aspect of collecting and dealing, and hope to continue for a long time. I hit the half-century mark this year, so I have a good little bit of time left. I hope you are having as much fun as I am.

Whoa!! I just looked at the above reference and realized I haven't changed this wording in a DECADE. This year will be the big "6" "0". I don't really need to replace the picture just color all the hair gray and it is still pretty reasonable.

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